Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Visit to Salem County Humane Society 8/9/13

My husband Josh and I went for a visit to Salem County Humane Society to meet with the President of their Board, Dennis Bratton. We made our way to Game Creek Road, drove off the paved road and down a winding gravel road through the woods. The trees encircled the road, making a leafy green canopy.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a kind volunteer and were welcomed into the cattery, where all kitties under the age of 8 hang out, play, and do the wonderful things that kitties do! :) They were just finishing up their dinners, so some of them were preoccupied! 

Yes, there was much feasting to be had. However, we were relegated to watching and were not offered any crumbs! Once everyone was part of the clean plate club, and everyone's bellies were full, they decided to investigate.

However, Josh and I were quickly admitted into the sanctuary of happy cats, after paying ample fees of petting, chin scratching, and loving! :)

There were so many little faces, peering up at us. Some hid, peering out cautiously.

Others lounged in baskets full of cozy blankets, others rubbed against us, and others still managed to be taller than Josh! Very impressive. :) 

We also visited the kittens and the senior cats, who are housed in their own rooms. :) 
Here are some of the wee kittens:

Here are some of the SUPER seniors we met:

For the month of August, SCHS has waived the adoption fee for all cats and kittens. If you pass a vet check and through the full application process, you will be able to take home a new friend for FREE! :) Of course, a tax-deductible donation of food, money, and other needed supplies are always appreciated, as SCHS runs off of donations.

There are many super lovable kitties just waiting for you. 

Next we met little Charlie a.k.a. "The Manager." Charlie (named after the Phillies' manager) is a little mama who recently delivered a litter of puppies. This sweet, bubbly girl trotted around the rooms, checking to see what the kitties were doing and to make sure that everything was running smoothly. She is VERY friendly and is SO adorable. She loves giving kisses and getting petted! :) Here she is getting ready to give me some love. 

We headed out to the dog runs to meet some new friends. There we met Troy (top two) and Bon Bon (bottom two). Troy was sooooo excited to play frisbee with me. He quickly learned that I am a wimp at throwing frisbees. When he went long for the catch, he was sorely disappointed when I managed to flutter the frisbee a couple of feet from me. He forgave me after some scratches, though. He is such a handsome and playful boy! :) Bon Bon then came out to visit. She was all about sniffing the play area and was elated when we went to play with her. She scrunched down and jumped around, panting happily.

We said hello to all of the pups in their runs. The pups had already finished their dinners and were gearing up to go for walks with some of their favorite volunteers. 

After signing volunteer information and waivers, we went for a walk with Billy and Jesse, two good ole beagle boys. Josh walked Jesse, and I spent some time with Billy. Both pups are so good-natured and sweet. They loved to stop periodically and "smell the roses," or so to speak. They walked well on a leash and seemed to really enjoy stretching their legs and spending some quality time with us. They came from the same home and get along really well. I hope they find their forever homes soon. It would be even better if they could grow old together in the same forever home! :)

We came back and visited with the other pups in their runs. Clockwise from left to right: Bella, a GORGEOUS young pittie who wanted to give us kisses so much; Rascal, a jack russell terrier looking for somebody who enjoys exercise and adventure just like him; Little Buddy, a senior jack russell terrier looking for a special family with a heart of gold, and Raina, a personable girl looking to snuggle!

We also met Miss Mary Mac and Eve (Left to right), two special girls looking for their forever homes. They are so sweet and just want to be loved.

There are many adoptable pets currently in foster homes, as well. There were also other pups who were a bit camera shy. That's ok! I'll get them next time.

We heard the happy news that three kittens and Miss Polka Dottie (one of the dogs we met) were going home. It was wonderful news! I can't wait to see them on the adoption board! :)

While we were at Salem County Humane Society, we were able to meet some of the organization's wonderful volunteers, many of whom also serve as foster parents. Their passion, dedication and the TLC they give to each of the animals is commendable. It is wonderful to see that even though these animals have experienced much sadness, they are loved and tenderly cared for by selfless, extraordinary people who are willing to spend their free time caring for them and helping them find the homes they deserve. It is heartening to know that such amazing people exist. :)

Please check out Salem County Humane Society's webpage:

Petfinder page: 

See their adoptable animals:

I am so proud and honored that my students and I will be working with Salem County Humane Society to help their animals in need.

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