Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Bow-Wow and Meow" Holiday Giving Drive & "Warm & Fuzzy" Towel and Blanket Drive

It's time to CELEBRATE! Today we received our first donation for our "Bow-Wow and Meow" Holiday Giving Drive (NOW-until December 20th). Remember, we also have our "Warm & Fuzzy" Towel and Blanket Drive going on NOW, as well! No donation istoo small and they all mean a lot to Project REACH and the animals in need.

Our first donation came from Daretown School's wonderful Secondary Science teacher, Ms. Redkoles. Ms. Redkoles donated some treats for the kitties, a bottle of bleach to help keep the shelter nice and clean, and flea/tick medicine for the pups! WOW! Thank you so very much, Ms. Redkoles♥

Here are some thank you messages from each of the groups!

Group 1: "Thank you , Ms. Redkoles, so much for these donations. They will be appreciated by the dogs and cats."
Group 2: "Thank you for your donations for the animals, Ms. Redkoles."
Group 3: "Thank you so much for your donations for the animals. They will be put to good use and we are very thankful."
Group 4: "Thank you very much for your donation, Ms. Redkoles!"

Need more details about these drives? Check out the information below.

                     Bow-Wow and Meow Holiday Giving Drive

                           November 12th-December 20th

No matter what holiday you celebrate (or even if you don’t celebrate holidays), we all know the importance of giving and of spreading kindness. That’s why Project R.E.A.C.H. is asking you to spread your cheer to our fur-riends at Salem County Humane Society by making a donation. Your donation can be dropped off at Daretown School, can be picked up from your location, or can be arranged with Jessica Sears.
      Supplies that are needed include:

o       Canned and dry cat food
o       Canned kitten food
o       Kitten milk
o       Cat treats
o       Scoopable Cat litter
o       Litter Boxes
o       Cat beds
o       Cat carriers
o       Canned and dry dog food (4Health from Tractor Supply Co. and other brands will be donated to other shelters)
o       Dog treats
o       Dog Leashes
o       Dog collars
o       Dog Beds
o       Pooper Scoopers
o       Bleach
o       Lysol
o       Paper Towels
o       Trash Bags
o       Flea Medicines
o       Bath supplies
o       Dish Soap


November 12th-December 20th

Hi Everyone!
            We are working to donate blankets and towels to animal shelters in need. One of our first efforts to give back to the animals in need is to collect blankets and towels to help keep them clean and warm throughout the winter. If you happen to have any towels, washcloths, blankets, or sheets that you don’t need or are taking up space in your house, please consider donating them to us to distribute to local shelter pets.
             If you have any donations, you can simply drop them off to my room! J Also, the students will be participating in other fundraisers and drives coming up in the months ahead! J
                                                                        Thanks so much!

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