Friday, October 25, 2013

Advertising for Animals: How To Make A Collage

How To Make A Collage



1. Go to and choose an adoptable animal that you would like to advertise.
2. Right click on the picture of the animal of your choice; then hit "save image as" and download the picture.
3. Go to and click on create a collage.
4. Hit create a collage again on the new page.
5. At the bottom of the screen, hit upload photo.
6. Find the picture and click open.
7. You can change the shape of the collage through spacing, proportions, kookiness, roundness, and you can even change the background color. 
8. When you have finished the first edit hit done in the right hand corner.
9.Now you can make basic edits, add effects, insert text and stickers, touch up the photo, add frames and insert seasonal items.
10. When you are done completing your edits, Click the save tab and pick the quality dimensions and format of the picture.
11. Click save and name file.
12. You are now ready to print or upload your picture to various social media websites.

-Eugene and another Group 4 Student from Project R.E.A.C.H.

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